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Jewelry History and FAQ

Estate Jewelry

A catch-all term referring to all jewelry that has been previously owned, or belonging to a private “estate.” Estate jewelry can refer to pieces with long histories as well as to pieces that were purchased just a year ago. However, usually when a piece of jewelry is described as estate, it falls within the range of being 40 or less years old.

Vintage Jewelry

Typically refers to jewelry that is between 40 and 100 years old and is both characteristic of a style popularized during a particular period and exceptional in its rendering of this style. Often, the implication with the word “vintage” is that the piece is costume jewelry, meaning not composed of previous gemstones and/or metals.

Antique Jewelry

Typically refers to jewelry that is more than 100 years old. The implication is usually that the item is of value, either for its age and condition alone, or for the rarity of finding an surviving specimen.

A history of jewelry outlined by eras

The word itself stems from the French word ‘jouel’ which is most often used figuratively to mean a treasure or object of beauty. The root originates from the latin ‘jocale’ or a plaything. So come on now, let’s play.